Not a lot of warrior-esque themes in his noble summary. This was the leader during whose term the invincible Afghanistan was absorbed, that so many victories occurred. Administration and holding high standards is not as flashy as swinging a sword.

Much of his memorable traits suggest introspection and reserve.


To paraphrase King Varian Wrynn, courage is the weapon of warriors, but patience is the weapon of caliphs.







The next sire of the people, is the humble before his Lord, the chaste and truly devoted to his Lord, the bearer of the two lights, the most revering of his Lord, who prayed toward the two Qibla, the Sacred House in Mecca and the Furthest Mosque in Jerusalem, and who enjoyed the privilege and blessings of migration twice, that is ‘Uthman Ibn ‘Affan, God be forever pleased with him, the blessed caliph of God’s messenger, upon whom be peace.

‘Uthman, may Allah shower him with His utmost blessings, prayed and invoked the divine favors between the two pinnacles of the night. He rose regularly at night to offer extended superogatory prayers and to prostrate himself before his Creator, Cherisher, and Lord. He prayed for God’s mercy to embrace him in this life and in the next, and he feared His displeasure and castigation. ‘Uthman was generous and most shy, and he was vigilant, reverent, and fearful of his Lord. His fortune during the day consisted of goodness of character, fasting and prayers, and during the night, his fortune was made of superogatory devotion, reading the Qur’anic revelation, contemplation, and prayers.




The Beauty of the Righteous & Ranks of the Elite