How are you when you give charity?

What does your charity provide you?

Or do you see it as an investment?

Or a cleansing?

Perhaps it is a protest against something.

Perhaps you are competing in your charity.

Almighty Allah is Lord of the giver and recipient.

How are you when you give from the heart?





109- ‘Uthman was a hard-working and a persevering devoted worshipper. On this subject, and after the passing of ‘Uthman, God be pleased with him, al-Hassan bin ‘Ali, God be pleased with him and with his father, was once sitting in a group of believers, and they were reminiscing the virtues of ‘Uthman, God be pleased with him. Al-Hassan, referring to his father, and in anticipation that he will further illumine this subject, said, ‘The Prince of the Believers will soon arrive.’ When ‘Ali, God bless his countenance, arrived, he reanimated the subject of ‘Uthman, commenting: “Indeed, ‘Uthman was among those about whom God Almighty said: ‘Those who believe in Allah and do righteous deeds, who guard themselves against evil, and who have faith, thence, and as long as they are God-fearing and do good deeds, surely Allah loves the charitable ones’ (Qur’an 5:93).





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