How does one gain those states of being humble and unassuming? Consider The Hour, or The Day of Judgment. Consider that moment in this world as you walk and talk and calculate.

Be shrewd in your dealings. Go, win. And yet remember our common mortality, and then consider everyone outside of the worldly rankings. Be selfish. Be so concerned with your spirit that in that most vulnerable Day you are only arriving like some wanderer who did not know what this world here today was. Or at least did not know it well enough to build a home in this world.

The word planet comes from the ancient Greek for “wanderer”. The planet—this theater of mortal drama—is itself spinning in the middle of an otherworldly vacuum.

Be so selfish, you use every drop of sunshine to grow plants on your own spiritual planet. Don’t be worldy. Be a world.




111- Sulaiman bin Ahmad narrated that Ibn Omar narrated that God’s messenger said: “The most humble and unassuming person among my followers is ‘Uthman Ibn ‘Affan.”



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