So, like, yeah. Live your life, enjoy good food (within reason), and practice as much religion that you can with a clear conscience. There are some things we read about in the stories of the saintly folk who came before us that test our faith because we wonder if we can do that now, or inspire us because we are shown what is possible by humans.

The modesty of Sayyidina Rady Allahu ‘anh is special. For many reasons. When we consider it, we as a community often become solemn, or become quiet and grave. As if we have been living a life of excess (too much flamboyance in talking, joking, eating, or whatever) and are stopped in our tracks. Don’t be like that. We are centuries after that special generation that populated the Dawning of Islam.

Our task in this age is to translate that modesty into a robust aversion to arrogance and pride. If you are privileged with the gift of faith, or as a sinner you still have the habits of ritual, or are interrupted by inspiration, then rejoice in it. But because of the confusion to our physical bodies, mental health, and other formerly sacred rhythms and norms, we don’t know what we have. Be forgiving and kind; and understand the effort to be more modest is simply an effort to be more conscious of the Ever-Present, Almighty God.





112- On this subject, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal reported that al-Hassan spoke of ‘Uthman’s regard to modesty, saying: “Even when he was in the privacy of his house, and his doors were locked, ‘Uthman would not take off his robe when he poured water to wash himself, he would sit down while taking a bath, and his modesty prevented him from standing up naked before the all-Seeing Omnipresent Lord.”



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