May we be guarded against anxiety or complaints. May we become strong privately so when the trials and tribulations meet us, we are able to exercise some patience. And the patience here need not be passive, but could also be that ability to exercise one’s executive faculties in a spirit of gratitude while fully awake to events.




‘Uthman, God be forever pleased with him, was given the glad tidings of the adversities he had to meet, and his heart was guarded against anxiety or complaints in that regard. ‘Uthman met anxiety with patience, and he traveled through afflictions with thankfulness to his Lord. He sipped the bitter taste of his trials and tribulations in this world to savor the everlasting sweetness and solace of salvation in the hereafter.

116- On this subject, Abu Musa al-Ash’ari narrated that he was once together with God’s messenger inside a garden when someone came to the gate and sought permission to enter. God’s messenger said: “Open the gate and give him the glad tidings of paradise and of an atrocious last trial in this world.” When Abu Musa opened the gate, he found ‘Uthman, God be pleased with him, standing at the door, and when I told him the news, he came in thanking Allah for His favors, and he sat down quietly next to God’s messenger.




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