By ordinary cloaks, do not imagine ragged attire. We are talking about clean cloaks that lack embellishment or design, and that may be coarse and heavy: durable cloaks for simplicity, rather than thin cloaks with patterns.

For special occasions, wear something special and, perhaps, less durable. Jumu’ah, the two Eids, other personal anniversaries. But generally, cloaks should be clean and simple.



Among his other traits, ‘Uthman spent freely his entire wealth on God’s path, he sought the pleasure of his Lord, and he provided comfort to His servants. ‘Uthman took little for himself, he wore ordinary cloaks, ate plain food, and sought the highest of achievements, and finally, by the mercy of his Lord, he was crowned with the highest of honors.





The Beauty of the Righteous & Ranks of the Elite