The Grand Companions, may Almighty Allah be pleased with them all, had the same character but their personalities were the different. In the noble life story of the venerable Rady Allahu ‘anh we notice instances where the breadth of his charity diluted his identification with that success.

Donating a well is one thing. But purchasing it by yourself and donating it as public property is another thing.

Winning a battle as a hero is one thing. But providing armor and equipment to enable heroes a better chance to win is another thing.

Some letters are Majestic, such as alif, whereas others have a Sublime expansiveness, such as ba.




119- Abu Huraira, God be pleased with him, narrated: “‘Uthman bought paradise from God’s messenger, upon whom be peace, twice: 1) Once in a business transaction when he bought the well of rumah (from the disbelievers), and which he made a public property for all Muslims, and 2) he bought it a second time when he fully financed and equipped the Army of Hardship (Jaish al-‘Usra).”




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