To paraphrase from Shaykh Jalal al-Din Rumi, may Allah sanctify his noble Secret, as conveyed to me years ago by my teacher Jamil Kalim: when the beloved is absent, the longing is present. Consider this when reflecting on the honorific title given to Rady Allahu ‘anhu because the two esoteric lights would, perhaps, provide illumination to twin darknesses. Perhaps twin absences. As long as he was married to the Holy Prophet’s daughters, upon whom be peace and blessings, he was a widower for longer. Consider that. Years of their absences outnumber the years of their presence. What a mighty protection such longing would be when decades later a crowd of people would deny access to water from your well and prayer from the mosque expanded by you.

Take it easy, brother.

Be calm, sister.

You’ve been through worse. ( :

And Allah is sufficient for you, and He is The All-Hearing, The All-Knowing.


…they buried her in Madinah. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, married him to her sister Umm Kulthum after her, and she later died with him in the ninth year of the Hijrah.

The men of knowledge said: We don’t know of anyone who married two daughters of a prophet apart from him, and for that reason he is known as Dhu’n-Nurayn–the Possessor of Two Lights.



The History of The Khalifahs Who took the right way