My friend Bhaskara related a story about his Dad, who was a scientist. Years earlier his father arrived early for a summit of scientists in the country. Bhaskara’s father’s father had advised him to always arrive early because if you do you get your pick of seating and can, if you want, sit close or next to the leader.

In this instance, he was able to sit next to the summit chairman. Fast forward a couple hours, and all delegates at the summit were in heated debate. Realizing that nothing would be able to get done by this group, Bhaskara’s Dad apparently whispered a suggestion to the chairman to push for the universal iodization of salt in the country, and thereby eliminate the disease rickets. Unanimous approval. The summit had no other practical outcome.

There are benefits to being early. And not just early for appointments, but the first to do.



He was one of the first outstrippers (as-Sabiqun al-Awwalun), the first of the Muhajirun, one of the ten for whom it was witnessed that they were destined for the Garden, and one of the six with whom the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was pleased when he died. He was one of the Companions who memorised all of the Qur’an, and indeed Ibn ‘Abbad said, ‘None of the khulafa’ memorised all of the Qur’an except for him and al-Ma’mun.’


The History of The Khalifahs Who took the right way