From the saintly Imam Hujwiri’s classic book Kashf-al-Mahjub, we learn the following:

“…in a mystical sense the food of the dervish is ecstasy, and his clothing is piety, and his dwelling-place is the Unseen….” (from here.)

In this sense, consider the fast of the venerable Caliph Uthman on his final day in this world. Like him, let our Ramadan fasting enable us to sample a cuisine of ecstasy and wonder while we abstain from food and drink; like him, let us fulfill our trusts (by being on time for work, babysitting attentively, keeping a promise to friends, etc.) and thereby sport the garments of piety; and, lastly, like him, let us incline our thoughts to the Unseen while fasting, rather than just grinning-and-bearing the discomforts of a mid-June fast.

For some this could take on the form of reading Quran for hours, contemplating the Unseen. For others who fast but are busy fulfilling their duties at work, perhaps all they can manage is a split-second of otherworldly awareness.

But because the soul is not limited by time and space—since the soul (Ruh) is from the world of Divine Command (min amri rabbi)—a single moment of awareness can be sufficient time for a mystical feast.



May God Almighty accept your fast and bless you.