From the Fifteenth Discourse—page 305-306

in Irshad: Wisdom of a Sufi Master, by Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak Al-Jerrahi, trans. Muhtar Holland. An Ashki Book of Amity House, Warwick: 1988.






The best of months is the month of Ramadān, for it was in that blessed month that the Glorious Qur’ān came down.  The Night of Power which is better than a thousand months occurs during Ramadān.  The fast, which is one of the pillars of the religion, is to be performed as a religious duty during this month.  Supererogatory worship during this blessed month receives the reward normally reserved for obligatory acts.

The best of all acts is the prayer which is performed five times daily as one of the pillars of faith.  The best of all days is Friday.  The venerable Ibn ‘Abbās died on a Frieday…  The Lion of Allāh, ‘Alī ibn Tālib said: “The best deed of all is the one accepted from you by the Lord, be it little or much.  As for the best of months, it is the month in which you sincerely repent to the Lord of Glory; as for the best of days, that is the day when you die and leave this world in faith.”  Imam ‘Alī relates that the most noble Messenger said: “On Friday seventy angels sit at the door of every mosque.  These venerable angels write down the names of those and takes his place without jostling anyone.  He does not engage in worldly talk.  This last man to arrive receives the smallest reward of all those performing the Friday Prayers.  Nevertheless, he is forgiven all the sins he has committed since the previous Friday.”  If the least reward for anyone performing the Friday Prayer is such a favor as this, try to estimate the great merit attained by those who come early.

Allāh has given this day as a gracious gift to the community.  One of the glorious sūras in the Holy Qur’ān was sent down concerning this day.  The souls assemble on Friday.  It is on that day that one should visit the tombs, since it is a Friday visit that touches the occupant of the grave.  This does not apply to the Saints of Allāh, for if they visit a tomb on any day of the week, it touches the occupant.

In the Divine Presence, Friday is called “The Day of Abundance”; that is the name given to it by the angels.  On Fridays the people of Paradise witness the beauty of the Lord of Beauty; it is the Feast Day of the believers and the Pilgrimage of the poor.  There is a moment on Friday when every prayer is accepted.

The venerable Adam received his soul on Friday.  It was on a Friday that the venerable Noah was delivered from the flood.  On a Friday the venerable Adam reached Paradise; the venerable Joseph was rescued from prison; the venerable Moses received divine succor; Pharaoh was drowned, and the venerable Jesus was raised to heaven.  It was on a Friday that our Master, the Messenger of Messengers, the Beloved of the Almighty, won a victory over the unbelievers of Quraysh at Badr; Islam was saved on a Friday.  Among the people of Paradise the name of Friday is the Abode of Peace, for on that day sins are covered over and forgiven.  On Friday the torment is lifted from the people of Hell; benedictions recited on Friday reach the most noble Messenger directly; that is, without any intermediary.

On Friday and Monday nights the most noble Messenger is informed of the good and evil deeds of the Community.  The Resurrection will start on Friday.  If the All-Powerful and Self-Subsisting Lord wishes to punish a people, he deprives them of knowledge about the grace and value of Friday and the Night of Power.

According to Imam al-Ghazāli, our Master, the noble Messenger said that the reward of the martyr is credited to anyone who dies during the day or night of Friday.  On the eve of Friday we should do charitable deeds to delight the souls of our departed kin.

The blessed Prophet said: “Good deeds are presented to Allāh on Fridays and Mondays, none being accepted from breakers of family ties, while it is on Fridays that they are presented to the Prophets and to fathers and mothers.”

Every day an angel cries: “Man is born to die; buildings are made to end in ruin!”  An intelligent person builds for the Hereafter…